How does The Link jewelry subscription work? Here's everything you need to know

The Process:

  1. Start With a Quiz: Consider it your digital personal shopper! Begin your journey with us by filling out a simple quiz. Your responses provide valuable insights, allowing our experts to understand your unique style and preferences.

  2. Curated Just for You: Our skilled team carefully reviews your quiz answers. With your style profile in mind, we select the finest pieces that resonate with your tastes, assembling a box that reflects your personality.

  3. Quarterly Delights Delivered: Every three months, a box curated to your selected value is delivered straight to your door, bringing the joy of new, exquisite jewelry into your life. Feel free to retake the quiz to refresh and update your style preferences for the upcoming curation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Kind of Jewelry Will I Receive? Each piece in our subscription box is crafted from gold vermeil or rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver. Designed for everyone, our jewelry is hypoallergenic and non-tarnishing, even for the most sensitive skin.

  • Why Is the Subscription Quarterly? Based on our founder’s extensive experience, customers often seek to refresh their collections every 8-10 weeks. While sterling silver jewelry is long lasting, enthusiasts love exploring new styles. With a 12 to 13-week cycle, we strike a balance between introducing exciting pieces and promoting conscious consumption.

  • Can I Skip a Box? Absolutely! If you’re content with your current collection, feel free to skip the next box with no hassle.

  • Can I Request Specific Products? Yes! During our designated request dates, you may ask for particular items. While we can’t guarantee their inclusion, we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes. Please note that the retail value of requested products must align with the maximum value your subscription tier allows.

  • Can I Return the Box? We currently do not accept returns, but your feedback is invaluable! Share your thoughts, and we'll use them to improve and enhance your future curations.